Representatives of famous entrepreneurs and scholars
  • Simon Hassannia

    Founder/CEO of Albatha Next and CDO of Albatha Group

  • Dr. Jonas Gross

    Chairman of the Digital Euro Association (DEA) and Head of Digital Assets

  • Eloisa

    Tokenomics Engineer

  • Mario Nawfal

    CoFounder and CEO - NFT Technologies Founder of the Athena Group

  • Alex Hernandez

    Co-founder & CEO at Ave

  • Stephane Perrin

    Deputy CEO & Co-Founder at akt.io

  • Christos Drakos

    Executive Director at ArgusFx

  • Jesse Lund

    CEO at Sprocket Financial

  • Sam Buxton

    CEO at Digital Asset Management Ltd

  • Sachin Dutta

    CGO at Merkle Science

  • Kalin Kalinov

    CMO at CoinPayments

  • Kely Kemper

    Chief Alchemist at RAZE

  • Ryan Selkis

    CEO and Co-founder of Messari